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Although she’s been out of the public eye for six years now, Amanda is back with a new video for her song “Freak for the Weekend” and one thing it noticeably different: She’s an out lesbian.In 2010 she performed at Long Beach Pride saying, “We’re all family,” and about the industry: “I don’t give a fuck.” If you follow Amanda on Twitter, she frequently posts photos and adoring messages about her girlfriend, Ana.Another masculine-style MC whose popularity in the music business came around the same time, Da Brat is also trying to make a return with her song “Is it Chu?” and she also is going to have a reality series made about her life from the producer of But while Da Brat sings songs about women giving her lap dances and cooking her dinner, hosts lesbian-only events and jokes that when she was in prison “every female wanted her,” she still won’t openly discuss her sexuality.Brat was said to have bottled Shayla on the head and face, causing scarring, mental pain and neurological impairment, according to TMZ, hence why she ended up serving three years in jail. Da Brat committed a serious crime and judging by how the incident happened and how brutal the rapper was to the cheerleader, who is probably skinny and can’t fight like the big girl that Brat is, the charges were well deserved. So I hope y’all remember the allegations that were made between Da Brat and Mariah a couple of years ago — rumor had it that the two were an item for a loooong time before they allegedly went their separate ways following Brat’s jail sentence in 2008. Coincidentally, Mariah then quickly married Nick Cannon that same year after just months of dating. So when I feel like getting glam-med up, and throwing on the Christian Louboutins, and the weave, or whatever I’m going to do to my hair, and push up my titties in a push-up bra, throw on my La Perla, then that’s what it is and I’m comfortable either way.But when I’m performing or just, on the day to day, or in the streets, I’ll probably have my braids with my hat cocked to the back.

In 2000, she scored hits with singles “That’s What I’m Looking For” and “What Chu Like,” but found herself in legal trouble that next year gave her a three-year sentence.

Although today’s hip-hop and R&B community is arguably more accepting than it was 10 years ago, homophobia is still a huge part of it, with rhymes dogging fags and dykes still a part of tracks and “no homo” in daily use.

Homophobia in both the black and Mexican communities (Amanda is Mexican-American) is still very present.

Da Brat prefers T-shirts and pants to the sexed-up outfits a lot of pop stars wear, and she was asked in the same interview why she “dresses like a guy”: When I dress tomboyish, I don’t really consider it dressing like a guy.

I am a full fledge woman and I like to dress however I feel comfortable.

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