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The [onboard] nav system needs to be integrated with the steering wheel controls…and any other connected services.”Other factors the can explain some of embedded navigation costs include larger displays, typically 7 inches diagonal and up to 10 inches, higher fees for the mapping software for embedded navigation, and even the warranty: PNDs are usually warranted for a year while a new car warranty runs three and sometimes four or five years.Install navigation in a new Infiniti G37 and it costs 50.

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Since the trend in OEM nav is integration with all-in-one infotainment systems, like On Star and i Drive, that handle everything from the climate controls to engine information reporting, buying a vehicle with one of these systems can reduce your future options.(Ford requires the car already have a color LCD display, so it’s not really sub-00 navigation.) Navigation is treated as an accessory, and accessories and options carry a higher markup than the base car.Koslowski says a price drop in a car accessory is often preceded by inclusion in a package.The Lexus ES system costs 75 and that includes a rear sunshade.On cheaper cars such as the Chevrolet Malibu, it’s not offered at all, since buyers don’t see much value in an option that approaches 10% of the list price.

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