Tony shalhoub dating

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It was her humor, her personality, and I enjoyed being around her. I don't mean physically, but from a friends standpoint. Jerry: [Laughs] Wouldn't it be funny if Chris got custody of my children? I would test this because sometimes I would walk slower, and I would tell my friends, "Check this out!

One of my daughters has only worn pants and only wants to dress like a cowboy, but this morning she asked to wear a dress to school. We were friends first, and then we were rehearsing a scene one day and started kissing and there was no kissing in the blocking of the scene. We had a close relationship as friends and the transition into boyfriend/girlfriend and then husband/wife was smooth.]Rebecca: I knew he was into me because he would follow me around.

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I got more out of my wife than my wife got out of me. Jerry: It's really tough when you have kids, especially two at the same time, and I believe my wife and I are going to make it. "[Laughs] He's just a very kind person, and I knew that he would be very kind to me, and he has been. Jerry O' Connell: I lived at the Oakwood for two months. [Laughs] Tony and I met in September of last year in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the DNC. Yes, I went to the Democratic National Convention, and that was my first one. And like Chris, we were friends too before we got together. When you have respect for the person's work, that's huge.

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