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She has a genuine love for her children and also desire for what wants, as well — she was cast out of heaven into Hell.

She wants what was taken from her.” “They [the fans] seem to, from what I see and her from them, they don’t know how to place Mom. They love her and they hate her at the same time.” “With episodic TV, you don’t always know where it’s going…

Geekadelphia recently had the opportunity to speak with Tricia Helfer, the sharp and stunning Canadian actress and producer who became a household name for many American geeks from her breakout role as Number Six in the 2004 “Battlestar Galactica” reboot.

Since her beginnings on Battlestar — Tricia’s first series as an actress — she has taken part in dozens of projects for mainstream TV networks and film.

In voice acting, it’s very rare you’re recording with other actors, or even working opposite of them. but you don’t get the interaction you would get with on-camera [acting].” Playing Six on Battlestar Galactica and the sci-fi genre “One of the fun aspects of acting is to get to play all types of roles… Battlestar was a very collaborative show.” Comments on fandom and social media “In some way you just have more fan interaction in the sci-fi world. We rode motorbikes from LA to New Orleans and chronicled it.

I don’t know why I’ve struck a chord [in fantasy/sci-fi genres] but I’m glad that I did. I didn’t know [some things] and I didn’t even know if they [the writers] knew.” “How do you make them [the Cylon copies] different? When we started riding motorcycles, we were drawn in and impressed by the fact that the motorcycle culture, which often gets a bad rep… There’s a lot of motorcycle charity rides and toy drives, and fundraisers, and things like that based around the culture and riding.

There’s some amazing storytelling in the fantasy/sci-fi genres. ’ and you’re not confined by the constraints of a regular family drama. It marries our love of riding and wanting to give back to the community.

Tricia currently stars as Charlotte (“Mom”), the Mother of Angels, on “Lucifer” — a newer TV series developed by FOX and DC, based off the popular Sandman comic spinoff, now in its second season.After Austin warned Stacy that she was becoming "too much for people", Bianca waded in to defend her friend, who had left the tub.She whispered to Austin: "Stop being so harsh [on Stacy]."Laughing, the 2006 Love Island winner added: "Be a better person."As Austin rejected Bianca's advice, she rolled her eyes and lay back on the floor.The former stepdaughter of Paul Gascoigne will be seen on tonight's show wearing a leopard print two-piece as she lounges around in the bath tub.The 30-year-old strip club owner joined Austin Armacost and Stacy Francis in an in-depth chat in the bathroom with wine.

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