Relevant christian dating

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But even more amazing, is that God gives us the gift of each other as a way to meet our earthly needs for love.

This brotherly love (phileo) that we’re given is a beautiful representation of the greatest Friend who laid down his life for us.

Within the context of community we’re given the opportunity to discover our gifts and our talents, and to use them to bless others.

We’re each given a very specific role in the body of Christ and it is within these relationships that our roles can be used to glorify God to the fullest.

We can learn a lot about love within the exchange of practical needs. We are given the the responsibility to support each other in hard times, and to carry one another’s burdens.

As much as we need to be available for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we also need to have the courage to ask them to come alongside of us when we’re the ones in need of support, prayer, or a shoulder to cry on.

We get to feel what Jesus felt as he suffered wounds at the hands of the people he loved, and then loved them anyway.

This is the hardest part about community, but it’s the part that makes us most like him.

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We’re asked to be a united body, which isn’t always easy, nor natural.Community opens your eyes to the needs of others (1 Thessalonians ).Within community we are encouraged to look around at the needs of those around us.There is something real about the concept of power in numbers.When we are surrounded by other believers, we feel empowered in our faith and may even be more sensitive to God’s presence in our lives.

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