Japanese school girl dating kogal

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Popteen, the most widely read of these magazines, has been publishing monthly since 1980.

While mainstream fashion in the 1980s and early 1990s emphasized girlish and cute (kawaii), gyaru publications promoted a sexy aesthetic.

In the mid-1990s, the Japanese media gave a great deal of attention to the phenomenon of enjo-kōsai ("paid dating") supposedly engaged in by bored housewives and high school students, thus linking kogals to prostitutes.

While critics condemned the gyaru as shallow, materialistic, and devoted to conspicuous consumption, admirers describe them as, "kindhearted, active young women in exuberant health, the women of today." Kogals have been accused of conspicuous consumption, living off their parents and enjo-kōsai (amateur prostitution/dating service).Ganguro evolved into another extreme look (though less extreme than Ganguro) called yamanba (mountain hag).As looks grew more extreme, fewer girls were attracted to gal culture.They have a distinctive slang peppered with English words.They are often, but not necessarily, enrolled students.

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