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Nico Sell, the cofounder of a secure communication app called Wickr, has appeared on television twice.“I said, ‘Okay, I’ll go prove it.’ ”He rigged his pass to make a mooing cow noise every time a device read his toll payment tag.And sure enough, it went off in front of Macy’s, near Time Square, and in several other places where there was no tollbooth in sight.2.“It’s basically impossible for you and I to decide, as of tomorrow, I’m going to remain off the radar and to survive for a month or 12 months,” says Gunter Ollmann, the CTO of security firm IOActive, who in his former work with law enforcement had several coworkers who dedicated themselves to remaining anonymous for the safety of their families.“The amount of prep work you have to do in order to stay off the radar involves years of investment leading up to that.” interviewed the most tracking-conscious people we could find about their strategies for staying anonymous to different degrees.

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